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We're always open to meet the next potential data builder...


Our data builders hub

is located in

Utrecht, Netherlands

We have an open-office concept with picnic table, family-style eating on the days we're in the office. Come check us out.


We understand investing in great people is a key ingredient to make our journey a success - and we mean it.

We are a growing start-up! We've been around the block, and realized we want to build a company that puts people first. As such, we’re busy building a team of curious data engineers, data scientists, and architects that love to get their hands dirty, aren’t afraid of a new challenge and can spot the glass half-full while in the thick of it.

We believe in getting the job done right, otherwise it’s not worth doing. We value trust and transparency and therefore provide the same to our team. Each team member is relied on to independently provide high-quality delivery for our clients.


But you are not alone – we ensure you have the skills, training, and support to develop and grow. No seriously – Fridays are for you. Fridays are a combination of experimentation with new client ideas, knowledge sharing sessions and training, or providing an open space for data creativity. This ensures we keep our people up to date with the latest technologies and best practices.



(Hybrid) Netherlands

What we’re looking for:

  • Curiosity – proven abilities to take initiative and be innovative

  • An analytical mind with a problem-solving aptitude

  • Independent thinker and desire to share knowledge across the development community

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